Friday, October 30, 2009

It´s not what you know, it´s who you know; and dictator types know the O

Law Library of Congress Report for Congress August 2009

Q. Was the removal of Honduran President Zelaya legal, in accordance with Honduran constitutional and statutory law?

A. Available sources indicate that the judicial and legislative branches applied constitutional and statutory law in the case against President Zelaya in a manner that was judged by the Honduran authorities from both branches of the government to be in accordance with the Honduran legal system.

But, Obama never really gave a crap one way or the other, and essentially sided with whatever the OAS and UN said (some might equate that to voting present). Which is why today we see the results of Micheletti being strong-armed into signing an accord that allows Zelaya to return to his office in spit of the Due Process that was followed by the Honduran Government.

The New York Times is still cluelessly calling the legal ousting a "coup".

And Hillary Clinton is calling Honduras' being bullied by the Obama administration to ignore its Constitutional process and reinstate Chavez´s buddy as president a big step forward for Latin America.

Friendship with the U.S. still means something, just to different people.

And speaking of coups; when do we take these tea parties to the next level?