Monday, November 30, 2009

CLIMATEGATE: A lot of honest people have been taken in by this extraordinary scam, and in the shakeout, we’ll be able to identify who they are. They were co-opted!

The following is in answer to a statement within a conversation that´s been going on for many months.

Hide the decline” and “Quick, delete these files before somebody catches on” and “HOLY CRAP WHY CAN’T I GET THIS DATA TO SAY WHAT WE NEED IT TO SAY IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR JOBS” aren’t exactly what I´d call a “false scandal.” Neither are “We need to keep these guys out of peer-reviewed journals” and “Let’s get this editor fired for publishing an article that disagrees with us.” But, yeah, I´m the denialist.

The massive “scandal” here is the result of cherry-picking and quote mining…pretty much what one can expect of Global Warming or Evolution denialists...The evidence for global warming is very, very strong, despite this false scandal.

Forget cherry-picking; we´d have to be adept dumpster divers in order to get at the “very, very strong” evidence for global – snicker – warming (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!).

Sorry, I shouldn´t be so insensitive about this. Just because it proves the point I´ve been making here for many months doesn´t give me the right to gloat……….Who am I kidding; of course it does! You and Reginald with your high and mighty opinions of any “scientist” who concurs with your world view and your unshakable perception of the *infallible* peer-review process are both being exposed for what they are; susceptible to every human frailty as every other “ism” under the sun.

I think there would be few scientists who wouldn’t agree that the evidence for evolution is several orders of magnitude stronger.

Forgive me for being entirely (and even more than usual) unimpressed with what any collection of “scientists” promoting whatever particular world view you happen to subscribe to agree on behind closed doors.

Cheers! And good to finally hear from you again!

h/t Jim Treacher and Dan Collins