Sunday, December 20, 2009

We ran into some Christmasiness last night

We were just going around the stores downtown doing some Christmas shopping and decided to stop by the Mercado Colón to listen to the choir sing and see the decorations. Also, maybe to get a little warm. It was 5ºC at this point.

(There´s a video of it here. If for some reason you can´t see it, just click here or the 'continue reading' link and it´ll show. Retarded Blogspot)

A few more snaps of the area we were in:

Then we went more toward the center (and home - so cold; so very, very cold) and saw these goofballs with wigs on and stripping down to their undies for something. Likely had something to do with the video that follows.

They´re called "Una Tuna" just like the title says. There are groups like this (typically students) during all kinds of festivals and holidays that go around singing in costumes. Usually pretty good, and funny. Notice how they all pretend to get bored and disband while the one is holding a long note. Again, you´ll have to deal with the quality of the camera, but, enjoy.