Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You can´t turn around without hitting a holiday in this country

For me in real life, that´s great. But, a) when my wife´s off work I pretty much hang out with her and not on Twitter or blogging and, b) when her brother finally says he´s coming back to continue working on the electric he began installing about 6 months ago I drop everything (including my jaw) to make sure we get as much done as possible before the next vortex swallows him.

So, this weekend saw the Spanish Constitution Day (which is meaningless apart from being a day off, since Spaniards handed their vote to the socialist jackass - Obama´s buddy, Zapatero - who heads the government here, who, subsequently handed over pretty much all the say anyone in office still had to the new president of the United States of Eurabia - deep breath) and Inmaculada (also essentially meaningless except as a day off since the religious conviction in Spain flows about as deep as the rivers of Obama´s committment to democracy) which I understand basically starts off the Christmas season. Hey, a four-day weekend regardless. So, mornings were spent at Starbuck´s (the only place to get coffee that doesn´t taste like liquid creosote mixed into oversteamed UHT "milk" - instead it tastes like Starbuck´s espresso mixed into oversteamed UHT "milk"), and the rest of the day either preparing the house for Diego (Bro-in-law) to work, working with Diego, or cleaning up after Diego (no offense to Diego intended, he does great work and, more importantly, it´s free labor).

Below the fold are just a few pics my wife took of the fun. I´m spackling over the rough stuff and painting it today so the switches are all removed again. But at least you can see what they look like. We like 'em. The outlets will all be the same style wood around ceramic switchboxes. The only different area is the kitchen, where the ceramic part will be black and we´re exposing all the conduit. I realize the kitchen colors are kinda 1970´s Brady Bunch, but considering Spain is only now somewhere around 1950 it actually looks pretty futuristic here.