Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Ferrari Star Parade was in Valencia today, so I hopped on my bike and rode down to check it out.

This was just a little show-off time before the World Finals in Cheste (about a half-hour drive from here).

After the photo shoot and customary revving of beautiful Italian engines, they drove through the city to the Plaza de Ayuntamiento (Town/City Hall), where we could get a closer look, in what happens to be the most beautiful area of the city. So, imagine my dismay when I was abruptly reminded that my wife took the camera with her to Cadíz last week by a friendly little notification reading "Memory card is full" (blink·blink·blink).

Maybe I´ll post some shots of the bulls she went down there to clone later, but for now here´s a couple vids of some "Prancing Stallions" I managed to get hanging from a light pole before the camera pooped out.

BTW, that last photo above is of a guy who was just enamored by where I was perched and must have photographed me from 20 different angles over about a 5 minute period of time. We crazy Americans; they just can´t get enough of us ;-)