Monday, November 16, 2009

My grandpa used to have one of these in his office and I was always jealous of it. But, now we all have our very own PRESIDENT OBAMA DIPPY BIRD toy!

Even this waterless version can´t hold a candle to the latest thing to hit the market. So...

Out with the old... with the new. Just insert your world leader/king/despot of choice, and voilá! One really dippy president.

In related news:

Meeting with a carefully screened group of students at the marquee event of his Asia trip, President Obama on Monday sought to advance what he called America's "core principles" during his first public appearance in China.

Um, Obama is far better acquainted with footwear trends among the world´s elite than he´ll ever be with America´s core principles. Regardless, he must´ve felt right at home in these Chinese "town hall-style meeting[s]" in Shanghai.

Virtually every aspect of the event was staged...Obama's audience, selected and coached beforehand by university officials, came from eight different Shanghai universities. A small, random sampling suggested the vast majority were members of the Communist Party. Many of the eight questions put to the president by students echoed Chinese government talking points.

So they wore red instead of purple. Otherwise...